European project consultancy services for the preparation of a project proposal

Monitoring European Calls and Programmes Monitoring and selection of Calls and programs relevant to the areas of interest identified by the Client, based on the¬†criteria of excellence, innovation and relevance. Project Management Brainstorming with the project managers identified by the Client to give shape to the basic concepts of the project (e.g., conceptual background, general […]

ISBA and Eurizon Capital open EU investment access for Albanians.

The Albanian Financial Supervision Authority (AMF) has granted licenses to Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania (ISBA) and Eurizon Capital, enabling them to provide Albanian investors with access to collective investment funds within the European Union, as announced by ISBA on Thursday. ISBA, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Italian international banking group Intesa Sanpaolo, will […]