EIB Global invests a record €1.2 billion in the Western Balkans in 2023

In 2023, EIB Global, the financial arm of the European Investment Bank (EIB) for activities outside the European Union, demonstrated a robust commitment to the Western Balkans by investing a remarkable €1.2 billion, surpassing the previous year’s investment by €365 million. These funds were strategically allocated to sustainable and energy transition projects, aligning with the […]

Strengthening Customs Collaboration: Italy and Albania reaffirm cooperation

The meeting held in Rome between Roberto Alesse, Director of the Customs and Monopolies Agency, Andrea De Gennaro, Commander General of the Finance Guard, and Genti Gazheli, Director of the Albanian Customs Administration, aimed at bolstering collaboration between Italy and Albania in the customs domain. The discussions focused on enhancing efforts to ensure the legality […]

Albania, EU and AFD launch Waste Management Programme in Gjirokastër and Vlora South

Albania is set to receive support for its waste management and environmental initiatives through a comprehensive program aimed at enhancing recycling, establishing EU-compliant landfills and waste facilities, and reducing the environmental impact of solid waste. This initiative is crucial for improving living conditions in affected areas and aligning Albania with EU standards on its path […]

Government Ratifies Interreg 6A Financing Agreement for Enhanced Regional Cooperation in the Southern Adriatic Region

The government has officially endorsed the decision to approve the funding agreement for the Interreg 6A program, facilitating increased collaboration among the Republic of Albania, the Republic of Italy, and the EU. Belinda Balluku, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, announced today that the Interreg IPA Southern Adriatic 2021-2027 initiative will be […]

European project consultancy services for the preparation of a project proposal

Monitoring European Calls and Programmes Monitoring and selection of Calls and programs relevant to the areas of interest identified by the Client, based on the criteria of excellence, innovation and relevance. Project Management Brainstorming with the project managers identified by the Client to give shape to the basic concepts of the project (e.g., conceptual background, general […]

ISBA and Eurizon Capital open EU investment access for Albanians.

The Albanian Financial Supervision Authority (AMF) has granted licenses to Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania (ISBA) and Eurizon Capital, enabling them to provide Albanian investors with access to collective investment funds within the European Union, as announced by ISBA on Thursday. ISBA, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Italian international banking group Intesa Sanpaolo, will […]